Thermal Oxide Growth

The production of Thermal Oxide Wafer is based on a process called thermal oxidation. This is the way to produce thin layers of oxide ​​- most often silicon dioxide – on the wafers. This technique consists in the fact that the oxidant diffuses on the surface at a temperature between 900ºC and 1200ºC in a furnace and reacts with it.

There are three methods of embedding thermal oxide into silicone wafer :

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) – this is used in the semiconductor industry to produce thin films. In this case oxide is deposited on the silicon wafer.
  • Dry oxidation – allows us to produce a layer of better quality than the wet oxide film, but with a lower growth rate. Hence, it is possible to obtain very thin layers. The following reaction describe the dry oxidation:
Thermal Oxide Growth
  • Wet oxidation – In this method we use water instead of oxygen. Water molecule splits out into hydrogen H and hydroxide OH. It dissolves faster in silicon than molecular oxide. Consequently, wet method has a higher growth rate. It is applicable in the production of thicker layers in comparison with the other. The following reaction presents the method:
Thermal Oxide Growth
The parameters that affect the growth of the oxide layer on silicone substrate are:
  • growth method,
  • crystal orientation,
  • pressure,
  • oxidation time,
  • temperature.
We offer a wide range of products with different properties, sizes, thicknesses and grades to suit your individual needs. In the table below you can find standard specifications of the wafer we have.

Wafer Specifications

Thickness range 200 Å-15µm
Thickness tolerance +/-5%
Surface finishing double/single sided polishing
Growth method wet or dry method, CVD
Diameter ranging 25,4 mm – 300 mm
Temperature 800C° – 1200C°
Gases oxygen, hydrogen
Refractive index 1.456
Tool horizontal furnace

Small quantities or individually packed wafers are available.

Should you need any further information or you are unable to find the wafer specification you require, please do not hesitate to contact us: or TOLL FREE in Spain (+34) 900 838 909, Portugal (+351) 800 180 183 or France +33 805 080 082.

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