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Silicon Wafers

The crystalline silicon, from which wafers are made, is 99.9999% pure and non-defected.

Special Wafers
Special Wafers

WaferExport provides special custom coated wafers such as SOI SIlicon on Insulator, Thermal Oxide and Glass, Quartz, Sapphire Wafer.

Wafer Services

WaferExport provides Polishing, Cleaning, Grinding, Dicing and Bonding wafer services.

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Premium Silicon Wafers

Premium Silicon Wafers

Discover the world of high-quality Silicon Wafers! Whether you need Cz (Czochralski method), MCZ (Magnetic Field Applied Czochralski), or FZ (Float Zone) wafers, we have the solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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Thermal Oxide Wafers

Thermal Oxide Wafers

The production of Thermal Oxide Wafer is based on a process called thermal oxidation. This is the way to produce thin layers of oxide ​​- most often silicon dioxide – on the wafers. Click below to learn more and unleash the full potential of your technology!

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SOI Wafers

Silicon on Insulator Wafers

Discover the groundbreaking potential of Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Crystal Wafer technology, which leverages a sophisticated composite substrate comprising an active silicon layer, insulator, and bulk silicon (handle layer).

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Glass Wafers

Glass / Quartz / Sapphire Wafers

Delve into our extensive assortment featuring UV, optical, and semiconductor-grade Glass and Quartz Wafers, meticulously crafted for applications such as laser optics, sensors, high-frequency circuits, and optical windows and lenses.

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Wafer Export provides high-quality Polishing, Cleaning, Grinding, Dicing, and Bonding services for a variety of applications in the Semiconductor Industry.

We cater to Silicon Wafers, Glass/Quartz/Sapphire Wafers, Indium Phosphide Wafers, and other specialized wafer types. Our comprehensive suite of services includes Dicing, Etching, Grinding, Polishing, Crystal Growth, and Bonding, ensuring precision and excellence for all your wafer processing needs.

Wafer Services
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Explore the Frontier of Technological Progress with Our Premium Silicon Wafers and Advanced Materials

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