Gallium Arsenide GaAs – an inorganic compound of gallium and arsenic.

This compound is synthetically produced for electronic industry due to its semiconductor properties.

The second one after silicon (Si) material most commonly used in micro- and optoelectronics and microwave technology.

Gallium arsenide shows greater electromagnetic radiation resistance than silicon.

GaAs electronic devices can operate at frequencies exceeding 250 GHz. Semiconductor parameter – energy interruption (at 300 K) = 1,424 eV.

Wafers in our offer are produced from crystals using the VGF, LCP and Horizontal Synthesis method.

Vertical Gradient Freeze (VGF) – the flagship method of producing GaAs wafer, provides a low dislocation density in the crystal.

Liquid encapsulated Czochralski (LCP) – This method requires complicated equipment, because it creates a high pressure of arsenic vapor, but it allows to overcome many problems of gradual growth of this crystal.

Gallium Wafer Specifications and others

Wafer diameter 2ʺ-200 mm
Wafer thickness 350µm – 635µm
Surface finishing epitaxy – ready finishing
Crystal orientation (100) (111) (110)…
Dopant N-type, P-type or undoped
Dopant material Zn, C, Te, Si…
Crystal growth LEC (Liquid encapsulated Czochralski), VGF (Vertical Gradient Freeze)

Small quantities or individually packed wafers are available.

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