Indium Phosphide Wafer

Indium Phosphide InP

Indium Phosphide InP is a semiconductor, crystallized in face-centered cubic structure, which we commonly name zincblende. It has the same structure as most of the III-V semiconductors. This material is characterized by long-lived optical phonons, one of the longest of any zincblende´s compound.

III-V semiconductors are compounds that were formed by the elements of groups 3 and 5 of the periodic table of Mendeleev. Thanks to their unique properties, we can use the compounds in many areas such as telecommunication and microelectronic systems or as a substrate for various epitaxial applications. They are perfect for integrated photonic applications.

Our InP wafers are produced based on the Czochralski method. They are doped with elements such as zinc, tin, sulfur or iron.

We also offer a wafer surface finishing services like polishing or etching.

Indium Wafer Specifications

Wafer diameter 2ʺ,3ʺ
Wafer thickness 275µm – 375µm
Surface finishing double/single sided polishing
Crystal orientation (100) (111) (110)…
Dopant N-type, P-type or undoped
Dopant material Zn, Fe, S, Sn…

Small quantities or individually packed wafers are available.

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