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Wafer Bonding Services Bonding is used to join several substrates, or wafers such as silicon slices. Bonding can be accomplished using an organic or mineral adhesive, also called eutectic bonding. But it can also be performed without an adhesive. This process is called direct bonding. Bonding can be temporary or permanent according to the objectivity of the two substrates union 

See below the the three main bonding process stages: 

  1. Cleaning of the substrate’s surface.
  2. Deposit of an organic, insulating or metal layer.
  3. Junction of the substrates using pressure (for indirect bonding or under pressure).

The main applications of the bonding process are to make innovative substrates and electronic and micro-mechanical components.

Direct bonding, which does not use adhesive, ensures that the components will be resistant to high temperatures and provides better interfaces.

We can distinguish two types of bonding :

  • wafer on insulator (it is possible to eliminate the air bubbles produced during the bonding)
  • wafer – wafer

Bonding Capabilities

Device Layer Thickness Ranges> 300µm, 20 – 299µm, 2 – 19µm
Target Handle Layer Thickness RangesSEMI Standard, > 300µm, 100 – 299µm
Diameter100 – 300mm
Device Layer Tolerance10.5µm
Box Thickness Ranges0.1 – 0.9µm, 1 – 2µm

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