silicon nitride

Silicon Nitride, Special Wafers

WaferExport provides the best silicon nitride (SN) Wafers. Si3N4 is characterized by high creep, oxidation and high temperature resistance, low coefficients of thermal expansion, which is related to the good resistence to thermal shocks.

We offer SI3N4 in three varietes: Hot Pressed SN (HPSN), Reaction Bonded SN (RBSN) and Sintered SN (SSN).

Low Stress Silicon Nitride layer can be deposited using two methods:

  • LPCVD (Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition) –  coatings are characterized by low thermal conductivity, cleanliness and repeatability of deposition.
  • PECVD (Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)  –  coatings are growing faster, which causes them to be thicker in comparison to LPCVD method.

Silicon Nitride, Special Wafers

Wafer Specifications

Thickness range up to 1.3 µm
Thickness tolerance +/-5%
Surface finishing double/single sided polishing
Diameter ranging 2”,3”,4”,6”,8”,12″
Types standard and low stress
Refractive index 1.46-2.0

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