Special Silicon Wafers

WaferExport provides special custom coated wafers such as SOI Silicon on Insulator, Thermal Oxide and Glass/Quartz/Sapphire Wafer.Each of these types of wafer has its own specific properties, which have been applied in various fields of industry. We are sure that the wafer purchased in our company will meet your expectations.

Special Silicon Wafers

SOI SIlicon on Insulator

Thermal Oxide


Silicon Nitride

Common questions

How do I know if my annealing process for si wafers (bare silicon, silicon nitride, silicon oxide) is successful or not?

How to control the pin holes in Silicon Nitride after HF dip for removing 15nm from 100nm SiN film?

How to measure the I-V curve for a silicon wafer ?

What adhesive layer is required for silver sputtering on silicon wafer?